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Pre-Law Legal Externship 3-4 hours a week (University of Arizona)
(Posted to Craigslist, 01-23-2012)
Interested in Law School?! Don't know if you're interested and want the Law School experience to see if it fits you? ! Want to start off Law School already knowing how to brief your cases, Ace your Finals, and manage your time?! Don't pay thousands of dollars for pre-law courses when you can have One on One mentoring with a current UA law student.

This is a Pre-Law Externship, meaning financial compensation is minimal, as the actual compensation comes in preparation for Law school through working with a current University of Arizona Law student.

2-3 Hours a week (get as much as you put in). 

1. Preparation of case briefs:
Students will be assigned 5-10 cases a week in wich they can create custom case briefs (instructions on how to create case briefs will be given, and feedback on products created will be given to increase the student's legal analysis skills). This is actually quite easy, as there are sites that already provide the case briefs for the majority of cases. So for 90% of cases, this will simply entail searching google for "Case Name brief" and copying this into word. This allows the student to become familar with the style of Case Briefs, and saves the Graduate student time.

The law student assigned to the undergrad will be performing the required reading and case analysis, augmenting the case briefs provided by the undergrad, and walking the undergrad through the case briefs (both the intent and meaning of the case, as well as important factors that were missed and/or superfluous). 

2. Ocassional Lecture attendance - Student will on ocassion be allowed to attend special speaker presentations on innovative law concepts (such as the effects of judiciary discretion and polarization in politics). Students may also have the opportunity to sit in a real law class to see how the dynamics of the Socratic method teaching style plays out.

3. Coffee! A couple times a week, the student can treat themselves to a Free Starbucks coffee (paid for by the graduate student), by picking up a cup for themselves and the grad student and swinging by the law school before class. This time can also be used to review the case briefs and discuss any other questions the student may have. 

This mentoring program can be as versatile or as limited as the student wishes. Either meeting once a week to discuss case briefs and have coffee, or meeting a couple times a week to discuss law school preparation and study tips. 

4. Free class notes, outlines, and test prep form a previous law school student! Start off already having the tools to succeed!

This is an unofficial externship, not sponsored by the UA college of law, and thus is primarily compensated via the mentorship, preparation for law school, and free coffee. Those interested can respond to this post with:

Why you're interested in law.

Resume/acheivements is also a plus. 

Apply today to be light years ahead of your fellow law students when you start your new field!

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