1. I am underpaid for what I do:

Cornell University Prelaw Program in New York City
June 6-July 15, 2011

Program description: If you're thinking about becoming a lawyer—or simply want to know more about the law and how it affects our everyday lives—you're invited to be a part of the Cornell University Prelaw Program.

This intensive, six-week program taught in New York City is directed by C. Evan Stewart, one of America's most distinguished lawyers.

Program features
  • a four-credit course, "Introduction to the American Legal System," taught using the Socratic method used at most U.S. law schools;
  • a limited number of selective internship placements at law firms or in the legal department of a corporation, government agency, or nonprofit organization; and
  • the opportunity to explore the law and culture of New York City.
Program structure During the first three weeks of this rigorous program, you meet with Professor Stewart for class each morning. Classes are held at Pace University, located in the heart of the financial district.

During the second three weeks of the program, if you've received a placement, you devote full days to your internship. (Note: The program dates for students who either do not receive a placement or opt not to participate in an internship are June 6-24.)

The program is designed for undergraduates who will complete their sophomore year or higher by June 2011, and for college graduates who wish to gain an accurate, comprehensive understanding of America's legal system. Because of the intensive and individualized nature of the program, enrollment is strictly limited. If you're considering applying, we urge you to do so as early as possible.

Program benefits Through the Cornell University Prelaw Program, you have an unparalleled chance to develop an accurate picture of the realities, rewards, and challenges of being a lawyer today. Throughout the program, you'll address such questions as:

  • How do the careers of lawyers portrayed in Boston Legal and Law & Order compare to those of real-life lawyers?
  • How much of my legal career will involve arguing over lofty Constitutional issues?
  • Will my success as a lawyer hinge on being the smartest person in the room?
  • Will I make a lot of money if I go to law school and become a lawyer?
  • What's so great about being a lawyer?
You'll also have the opportunity to:

  • explore the varieties of professional roles open to lawyers before you invest time, effort, and money in law school;
  • prepare for law school, other professions, or a lifetime of informed citizenship;
  • gain a comprehensive grounding in fundamental legal concepts and techniques;
  • learn firsthand the ins and outs of the legal system from a top attorney;
  • develop professional contacts; and
  • enhance your academic record, resumé, and skills.
2. Your tuition here is too low:

Program Charge
The total program charge is $4,970. This includes tuition of $4,220 and a nonrefundable program fee of $750. Text book purchases are to be made by the students.

Housing and meals are not included. You're responsible for finding your own housing; a variety of housing options are available.

Upon acceptance to the program, the full program charge of $4,970 becomes due.

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